Oak Adams
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Oak AdamsPeek at Cory's Leg

Oak AdamsPeek at Cory's Leg

Oak AdamsPeek at Cory's Leg

Oak AdamsPeek at Cory's Leg

Oak AdamsFallen Soldier 

Oak AdamsTreavor's Arm

Oak AdamsSome Stuff

Oak AdamsFalcon

Tattoo by Oak AdamsGirl in some Clouds

Tattoo by Oak AdamsBio Cover Up

Tattoo by Oak AdamsBio stuff

Tattoo by Oak AdamsStuff

Tattoo by Oak AdamsMurder of Crows

Tattoo by Oak AdamsBio wife portrait

Tattoo by Oak AdamsTree

Tattoo by Oak AdamsOwl

Tattoo by Oak AdamsKinich Ahau

Tattoo by Oak AdamsBio skull

Tattoo by Oak AdamsRatfink!

Tattoo by Oak AdamsTree

Tattoo by Oak AdamsEl Jefe

Tattoo by Oak AdamsSome Bio Mech/Organic on Coley

Tattoo by Oak AdamsCobra

Tattoo by Oak AdamsIssac's Arm

Tattoo by Oak AdamsTwisted Tentacles

Tattoo by Oak AdamsPig's Foot

Tattoo by Oak AdamsSiamese Twins

Tattoo by Oak AdamsB's Cover-Up

Tattoo by Oak AdamsZombie Skull

Tattoo by Oak Adams
Black & Grey
Black & Grey Tattooer by Appointment only.

I charge 600 for a half day or 1000 for a full day. I like to get large pieces done in a timely manner, so a minimum of one sitting per month, preferably every two weeks or consecutive days.

There is a non-refundable deposit of 500 which will be applied to your last sitting if it's large or applied in full if it's a one sitting piece.