Oak Adams
As a kid I was into art, especially liking and being influenced by skateboard art. Drawing monsters on skate boards and what not. Then met a guy Quentin my Pops was friends with who was heavily tattooed. I thought it was the coolest stuff ever!

I soon became infatuated with the art and sought out how to do it. I was about 14 at that time. Quentin showed me how to make a homemade set up with a walkman motor and the works, but no one ever let me tattoo them until I was about 16.

Did that for a year or so before I realized I was doing it wrong. There was a guy, Dave Pritchard, who did some good tattoos in town. So I stopped tattooing and got an apprenticeship with him. That was in Indiana, where he still resides. Look him up in the Fort Wayne area!!

Tattooed with Dave for a few years then hit the road tattooing the States. Traveled around for some years, landed in Salt Lake City where I now reside at Painted Temple Tattoo & Art Gallery. Tattooing with some awesome people there, Daniel Walker and Vic Back. Check em out!!!


Started building machines in 2007, specializing in black & grey shaders. I have a lot of fun with that and am honored that some awesome tattooers use my machines.

I'm now 32 and still think tattoos are the coolest shit in the world.

There's some people I'd like to thank for helping me on my journey as an artist. My wife Bleu for always pushing me to do better and for being an honest critic! My Mom and Pop's for supporting me from the very beginning! Dave Pritchard for teaching me the ropes! Tom Renshaw, Jack Rudy, Brian Everett, Bob Tyrrell, Paul Booth, Shotsie, Dawei and a bunch of other tattooers for being inspiration!