Oak Adams
Paradise Tattoo Gathering September 13-16 2012
Keystone Resort
633 Tennis Club Road, Dillon, Colorado
www.Paradise Tattoo Gathering.com
12th Annual AZ Tattoo Expo APRIL 20-22 2012
Michael Bergfalk and myself will be sharing a booth.
www.AZ Tattoo Expo.com
Ink For A Cause Convention
We'll have a triple booth with Dave Sanchez, Ryan Kent, Vic Back, Daniel Walker and myself.
September 16-18 2011 at the Ventura County Fairgrounds, CA
www.Ink For A Cause.com
Long Beach aboard the Queen Mary.
Super fun show!! June 10-12 2011
I have a couple openings for this show...
Santa Anna, CA March 3-5 2011
SLC Tattoo Convention
I'll be tattooing at the 8th Annual SLC Tattoo Convention
Hell City
I'll be at Hell City in Phoenix August 27,28 and 29.
Guest Spotting at Love and Hate on 3rd Ave. and McDowell in Phoenix on August 25 & 26. Stop in and check these guys out!!!!